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Dining Hours

Sun. — 5:00 - 8:30pm
Mon. & Tues. — Closed
Wed. - Thur. — 5:00 - 9:00pm
Fri. & Sat. — 5:00 - 9:30pm
Bar opens at 4:00




Idlewile Supper Club

Nestled in the quaint village of St. Cloud, the Idlewile Inn offers a historic setting and diverse menu to satisfy any taste.

Beneath the original tile floors and ornate woodwork, lay a history dating back to 1868 when the foundation was laid for what would be one of the first businesses in St. Cloud. One year later the "Northwestern Hotel" was open for business. At that time, the hotel served the businessmen, salesmen and other travelers who came through the village via railroad and horse.

The many owners of the hotel included Nick Lansen, who originally planned and constructed the hotel. John Messner was the first owner, operating the hotel for 21 years. In 1890, Mr. and Mrs. John Dietz bought the hotel and ran it for 17 years, making few improvements along the way. In 1907, the property was sold to Dietz's daughter and son-in- law, Mr. and Mrs. Benedict Baus, Sr. The hotel was sold again in 1913 to Casper Eiring, who was joined in partnership by Ben Feldner. In 1915, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walgenbach purchased the hotel and ran it for 7 years. Then, in 1922, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Enders acquired the hotel. They razed and rebuilt the hotel after 54 years of continued service.

Even in 1922, the local newspaper recognized the "Hotel Idlewile" as a sight to see. Those who passed by could not resist the aroma of fresh baked goods and a refined array of foods. The pleasant surroundings and welcoming atmosphere presented by the establishment entertained the likes of all guests.

In 1944, the Enders gave up the hotel. The following years saw many different owners, leading up to present-day owners, Dave and Brenda Panko. Dave and Brenda took over the Idlewile Inn tradition in 1990, preserving the building's original charm with little renovations. The scores of paned windows, original tile floor and stunning staircase illustrate today the architectural designs of the early 1920s.

Dave and Brenda, along with their committed staff, continue to grant unsurpassed service and an inviting atmosphere Idlewile Inn guests have grown accustomed to. We welcome you to the Idlewile Inn and hope you find it enjoyable. Please inform us if you are not completely satisfied with your dining experience. Every customer that passes through our door is a key to our success. We look forward to your return.

Your Hosts,
Dave and Brenda Panko

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